Drill-holes co-ordinates and depths

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An under water area has been identified for its potential in yielding oil. A computerised 3D model is required to visualise the sub-surface terrain.
Sample points in this model construction contains depth and geographical co-ordinates of each point or drillhole. In a 3D modelling equation which requires requires x,y and z, depth data will be used as the z-values and x and y values are represented by the co-ordinates which I already have.

Sub-surface Trench

Its know that there is a fault line present. Producing a fault line effect on the model requires more surveys and collection of data such as the distance and depth of the fault line. The fault lime also helps narrowing down various interpolation methods to actually just one method that can incorporate sudden changes in the terrain modeling process.

Created sub-surface

First I created a sub-terrain without the fault-lint present.

Incorporate Trench

Remodeled the sub-surface using the fault line data as a barrier in interpolation process

Modelling sub-surface

An illustration of all the data collect for this project.


Interpolating drill-holes creating Sub-surface